Shine Bright: Celebrating Small and Hidden Talents

A workshop for elementary school students

This is a multi-sensory art and story-telling class that gives students tools to cope with playground interaction, organized sports groups, and social media pressures, by:IMG_8499


  • Discovering hidden talents.
  • Finding value in small talents.
  • Understanding that sharing talents makes them become better people.
  • Developing a stronger sense of identity and belonging.
  • Encouraging private reflection about different types of talents to be appreciated within their group of friends, teammates, and family members.
  • Appreciating one another by seeing how each person is different, unique and deserves respect.
  • Giving them encouragement to recognize their unique gifts and inner self- worth. 

Students gain awareness and reflect on their big, small, visible and invisible talents and create a story-board mandala using beads to represent these talents.  This process is a powerful experience for the students to see how each talent complements and builds on the others, creating beauty as a whole!

Several of these points fall into British Columbia’s Arts Education curriculum, and connects with its core competencies.  Teachers may extend the workshop via reflection and use it for the students’ portfolios.  The workshop’s vocabulary could be used to remind students before recess and lunch play-time about their responsibilities.



  • ~75 minutes in duration
  • Best suited for groups of 20-30 students
  • Ideal for students in Grades 4 to 7
  • All workshop material brought by facilitator (not to be kept by students)
  • Students will take home a 5 x 5 printed photo of their mandala, mounted on 5 x 7 poster board paper.  On the back they will have written, in their own words, about their talents.IMG_8563
  • Cost of just $4.00 per student