Let’s raise our vibration!

As an energy healing practitioner, I’m sometimes asked: how do you protect yourself from the negative energy of your clients?  The answer is, I don’t have to, for two main reasons:
1- There is no negative energy.  It is only stuck, or with a lower vibration.
2- When we have the need to protect ourselves, it means that we are afraid of something, and fear is the king of the lower vibrations.
That’s why instead of consciously ‘protecting’ myself, what I do is to raise my vibration to a high enough level, that no lower vibration can affect me.
This is paramount for healers, but it applies to everybody. We can’t go in life being affected by other peoples’ lower vibration energy. It’s exhausting! Everyone has a personal drama, and if we are allowing ourselves to get hooked, good luck.
Let’s all raise our vibrations, and keep them high! There are a lot of ways on how to do it, to name a few:
-serving others
-sharing talents
-playing/listening to music
-singing, whistling, or humming
-doing something artistic
-admiring beauty
-engaging in a hobby
-enjoying nature
-spending time with kids, or pets
-doing whatever makes us feel good
-remembering a happy memory
-imagining ourselves inside a bubble, filled with pink light of love, and surrounded by a web of high-vibration golden light
-and the best of all: having appreciation!
Keeping your vibration high doesn’t mean that you’ll be detached from reality, floating on a pink fluffy cloud. You will still be able to display all range of emotions. The difference is, you’ll be able show them at appropriate times and at your will, and not when others are pushing your buttons, or pulling you right, left and center at their convenience.
Wishing you a happy journey,

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