I was born and raised in Mexico, and that’s where my interest in energy healing and teaching started. I immigrated to Canada in 1999, and put my practice aside while I was adjusting to a new life.  As happy as I was, over the years I developed several illnesses and in 2013 I decided to embark on a self-healing journey.  

This decision led me to study several healing modalities.  In my practice, I tailor each treatment to my client’s needs, so they can get the most benefit.  A healing session can stand on its own or combine practices from Bio-Energy Healing, Seichem Tera Mai, Access Consciousness, Ceremonial Drumming and insights and teachings from my various mentors, among them Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Not wanting to leave behind my passion for teaching, I also give workshops with a variety of themes.  My personal favourite is Shine Bright, a workshop that celebrates the unique talents in us all!  Having been an on-call Noon Hour Supervisor at the Richmond School District for the past 5 years, has given me the opportunity to observe hundreds of kids and the situations where their self-worth is coming short. IMG_7738 2

I’d love to have the opportunity to help you and your loved ones become healthier, happier and wholesome!