Let’s share our talents!

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We all have a talents!  I had spent a lifetime comparing my talents, or lack of, with those of other people.. That was until I learned that we have the perfect amount of talent needed to become a better version of ourselves.  Once we recognize, develop and get them together to share with other people,  we’ll fulfill their original purpose.

Of all the good examples I can give you, I’ll share with you one that is close to my heart.

Since I was a little girl, I remember my dad doing magic tricks with coins to my friends, cousins, and anyone else who was interested in watching him. Fast forward a few decades, and he’s still performing the same handful of tricks of my childhood! He grabs a couple of coins, makes them disappear, and with the most contagious laughter makes them re-appear. He’s not David Copperfield. Don Ernesto only has a handful of tricks, but he has perfected them. Since his audience is different every time, he has been able to raise hundreds of people’s vibrations at airports, bus stations, picnics, grocery store lineups, you name it! Kids and adults alike have enjoyed his best trick of all: embracing the amount of talent he was given.

Let’s all get rid of our excuses; our being self-conscious. It’s about time we give our talents due recognition, and let them shine through! You only need one good trick to experience some magic!

Keep shining,