Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing 

Get your energy flowing as it should! Bio-Energy is a powerful healing technique that flushes stuck energy out of the seven main chakras.  By restoring the natural flow, it allows your body to heal at all levels.
Some of the benefits of Bio-Energy:
-reduces physical pains and aches
-clears eczema and allergies


-releases emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, etc
-increases confidence, creativity and energy levels
-alleviates insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression
-increases mental clarity and intuition
A full treatment of Bio Energy consists of 5 sessions:
-4 consecutive sessions (4 days in a row, or once a week for 4 weeks in a row)
-a follow up session, 3-5 weeks after the last consecutive one
The sessions are primarily no-touch. The client stands for most of the time as the practitioner flushes out energy blockages.
CAD $65 1 hr, individual session
CAD $300, full treatment of 5 sessions

Seichem Tera Mai

Connect with Source! Seichem is a deep healing technique from the traditions of ancient Egypt.   It channels the energy of the elements of Earth(Reiki), Fire (Sakara),  Air (Angeliclight), and Water (Sophi-El.) It  brings intention through more than 35 symbols.  


These are some of the benefits of Seichem:
-balances energy centres
-reduces physical pain
-releases emotional blockages
-heals memory of trauma
-integrates our four bodies
-raises consciousness
-connects to higher wisdom
The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed. Slight hand touch is applied.
CAD $60- 50 min.  session

Access Consciousness Bars

Get rid of unhealthy mental patterns! Access Consciousness Bars unlocks limitation of thoughts, feelings and emotions.   It prepares you to open up to infinite possibilities, so that your life flows with ease, joy and abundance!
The benefit of running the Bars is that it deletes erroneous beliefs about healing, creativity, money, aging, control, etc.
It helps with:IMG_4440
-stress reduction
-better sleep, concentration and relaxation
-ADD and ADHD-
-making fast change in habits
A session is about 1 hr long. The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed. Slight touch to different parts of the head will be applied.
CAD $65.00 1 hr session

Ceremonial Drumming sessions

Drumming has been used by many cultures as a mean for healing, mourning and celebrating.  The drummng sessions I’m offering can be done for an individual, a person accompanied by another, or a small group.


-releasing of emotions
-processing the loss of a dear one, a relationship, etc.
-celebrating an event
-anchoring affirmations

These energy healing modalities can also be combined in order to provide a personalized experience.  They will also include homework techniques and coaching that will support further healing.