Energy Healing

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Bio-Energy Healing

Seichem Tera Mai

Ceremonial Drumming


Access Consciousness Bars unlocks limitation of thoughts, feelings and emotions.   It prepares you to open up to infinite possibilities, so that your life flows with ease, joy and abundance!

A session is about 1 hr long. The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed. Slight touch to different parts of the head will be applied. $65.00

The benefit of running the Bars is that it deletes erroneous beliefs about healing, creativity, money, aging, control, etc.

It helps with:IMG_7766 2

-stress reduction

-better sleep, concentration and relaxation

-ADD and ADHD-

-making fast change in habits

Bio-Energy Healing is a powerful healing technique that flushes stuck energy out of the  chakras system and restores the flow, giving space for the client to heal herself at all levels.

A full treatment of Bio Energy consists of 5 sessions:

-4 consecutive sessions (4 days in a row, or once a week for 4 weeks in a row)

-a follow up session, 3-5 weeks after the last consecutive one

The 1 hr sessions are primarily no-touch. The client stands for most of the time as the practitioner flushes out energy blockages. $65 single session.  $300 full treatment.

Some of the benefits of Bio-Energy:

-reduces physical pains and achesIMG_2649

-clears eczema and allergies

-releases emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, etc

-increases confidence, creativity and energy levels

-alleviates insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression

-cuts unhealthy attachments and negative family loyalties

-increases mental clarity and intuition

Tera Mai is a healing technique from the traditions of ancient Egypt.   It channels the energy of the elements of Earth(Reiki), Fire (Sakara), Water (Sophi-El) and Air (Angeliclight.)  It  brings intention through more than 35 symbols.

The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed. Slight hand touch is applied.  50 min. session $65.IMG_2660

These are some of the benefits of Seichem:

-reduces physical pain

-releases emotional blockages

-helps to change negative mental patternsIMG_2663

-heals memory of trauma at cellular and DNA level

-connects with inner child

-releases paid karma, and mistakes of our ancestors

-helps through changesIMG_2661


-calls for abundance

-manifests desires

-integrates our four bodiesIMG_2662

-raises consciousness

-connects to Higher Wisdom

Ceremonial Drumming is used by many cultures as a healing tool.  A few minutes of drumming, with no additional cost, can be added to any session to aid with the releasing of emotions, grounding and anchoring of affirmations.