Workshops/ Coaching

nCircle Wellness offers the safe space and the tools to improve lives at all levels. IMG_7738 2

* Manifesting a Brighter Future

  • Identification of negative thinking patterns and behaviours that prevent us from manifesting a better future.
  • Exercises and guided meditation to liberate past attachments and start focusing on unlimited possibilities. 

Bringing Abundance to Your Life

  • Identification of generational blocks and mental patterns of lack, guilt, control, resentment, etc, related to money.
  • Exercises and guided meditation for releasing such blockages, returning financial energy to its rightful owner and opening channels to allow abundance to flow. 

* Forgiveness, a Master Key to Open Your Heart

  • Identification of energy cords charged with low vibrational emotions that are holding us back.  
  • Exercises and guided meditation to liberate energies from the past,  open the heart, and start focusing on creating a brighter future.  

* Improving Personal Expression and Communication

  • Identification of our comunication style and that of the pople around us.
  • Introduction to influential comunication paterns 
  • Guided meditation and exercises to assist in the opening of our communication channels and start improving the quality of our personal and profesional relationships.

* Healing ancestral relationships 

  • Identification of generational blocks and negative mental patterns passed from generation to generation.
  • Exercises and guided meditation to release such blockages, return energy to its rightful owner, and start focusing on the traits that we want to pass to our future generations. 

* Increasing Intuition 

  • Identification of energy blockages that are preventing us from connecting to the Field of Information.
  • Guided meditation and exercises that will help to open the Pineal Gland and start connecting to the Field.  Ceremonial drumming could be introduced.


  • individual– CAD $65 – 1 hr
  • small groups- CAD $35 per person 


  • private 
  • corporate  
  • open to the public

CAD $35 per person – 2 hrs