nCircle Wellness would like to offer women the safe space and the tools to improve their lives at all levels.  The scheduled workshops open to the public, are also available for private groups.

Host a class of 5 people or more and get your ticket fee for free!

Chakra Opening WorkshopsIMG_5148

Root – healing relationships with ancestors, and other groups where we belong
Sacral – calling abundance (finances, romantic love, creativity, fun and pleasure)
Solar Plexus – improving self esteem/love and personal power
Heart – healing our emotional body through forgiveness and unconditional love
Throat – improving personal expression and willpower
Brow – increasing intuition and connection with higher vibrational realms
Crown – connecting with Higher Self and Source

*Manifesting Workshop:

Learn how to match the energy vibration of what you want to manifest in your life!

*Orgonite Workshop:

Design and make your personal pendant orgonite!  This workshop includes a short meditation to discover the Spiritual Intention of your art work.  You’ll also learn the steps to make a table orgonite.

Scheduled Workshops:

Atrae Abundancia a tu Vida!

Leon Guanajuato, Mexico- Julio 21

Durango, Dgo, Mexico- Julio 24 y Julio 28, 2018

Bring Abundance to Your Life!  Allow your Sacral Chakra to Flow.

Saturday, June 30th – 7 to 9:30 pm

Location: Fit to be Healthy/Yaletown Fitness Studio,

                  1020 Mainland St., Vancouver BC

You’ll find this workshop very helpful if you:

  • wonder why you are not attracting more money
  • feel unlucky regarding finances
  • think making money is hard
  • never seem to have enough
  • subconsciously feel that you don’t deserve it
  • feel guilty or ashamed about wanting it
  • fear the changes that money could bring
  • blame money, or the lack of, for your family’s struggles, etc.


IMPORTANT: Please bring with you 20 $5.00 bills (or 20 bills of the same denomination),to have some fun and start the flow! 


Abundance Workshop Ticket

Join us for this dynamic, liberating and fun workshop and start receiving the abundance you deserve!


Soap Making Workshop

Sunday, May 26th 

Private group


Orgonite Workshop

Wednesday, May 23rd – 7 to 9 pm

Private group


Forgiveness, a Master Key to Open your Heart Chakra

Saturday, April 28th – 7 to 9 pm

@ Another Space – 1523 E Pender St, Vancouver BC



Forgiveness Workshop Ticket

Saturday, April 28th- 7 to 9 pm. @ Another Space- 1523 E Pender St. Vancouver, BC